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Space (Feng Shui)

Our working and living environments vary according to different energy levels. There are locations in which we immediately feel comfortable. And there are other locations that give you a sense of unease, of 'not feeling quite right' or that even make us feel unwell. At first glance, we often can’t pinpoint why this is. Feng Shui is a several thousand-year-old Chinese Practice that identifies and directs energy flows positively in our living environments. The Feng Shui practice delivers the key to consciously create a greater sense of well-being within a space or, as they say in Germany, 'raumwohlsein' for a human being. Our goal is to help you achieve this either for your private home or for your working environment. » We offer


All matter is energy.

Albert Einstein

Transformation (Change Management)

We live in ever-changing environments where we are often challenged to adjust to new circumstances. Change Management thereby offers methods to respond and handle the change actively and in a positive way. Our competency is to accompany you at each step with those challenging processes. » We offer


Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have — and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.

James Belasco and Ralph Stayer, Flight of the Buffalo (1994)

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